GET READY FOR 2023 – 8th July 2023!

God Save The Bull… So say our happy and glorious herd of Cowtown Cows…

In the spirit of the coronation year for King Charles, we’re getting our Cowtown Crowns out for this year’s DejaMoo, Legenddairy Country Fair.

It’ll be the Cowcrownamup Fair, which means the order of the day is Cow Onesies and bling!

No tiara too big or too small. Black and white is the perfect foil for rhinestones and diamonds, rubies and emeralds… jazz up your onesie however you like, but a crown would be udderly perfect! p.s. Republicalves welcome.

All in all it should be a pretty fun day!  So pack up your onesies and head on down to Cowaramup in the July school holidays.

For more information about any of our Deja Moo events, please contact:

Jill Turton – Event Organizer

0418 933 345 or [email protected]